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"FORTUNA" is a private company formed in the year of 1992. Today it is one of the biggest trading companies in Macedonia in its sector of dealing. "FORTUNA" owns a trading space of 2500 squared meters of outdoor and 800 squared meters of indoor trading space. Further more, "FORTUNA" has its own distribution network consisting of several vehicles which serve the customers directly. At this very moment there are 30 people employed in "FORTUNA" and in its two sectors of dealing.
In "FORTUNA" we believe that we are the answer for every construction investor that is seeking a company that can supply them with all of the primary and secondary construction materials from outdoor water equipment to the smallest screw. As a consequence of our beliefs our biggest clients are the biggest companies from the construction industry, wood industry, metal industry, food industry and montage companies.
In the same time as we serve the big clients, we answer the needs of the small customers through the everyday supply of the country's five big and hundreds of small shops and markets.
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